Sixers face Pistons today

Just like Friday night when the Sixers barely beat the New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia will be playing a team depleted by injuries.

Detroit will be missing both Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton. Prince, it was announced today, will be out indefinitely due to a small rupture of a disc in his lower back. The injury was confirmed following an MRI that was taken earlier this week. Hamilton will be missing his sixth-straight game after spaining his right ankle.

As guard Lou Williams noted after Friday's game, these are the games you have to win, when playing a team that is not at full strength, in order to stockpile them to enhance playoff position at the end of the season. That, of course, is assuming the Sixers will make the playoffs.

Guard Rodney Stuckey has been a thorn in the Sixers' side, as he averaged 18.3 points and five assists against the Sixers last season.