Monday, October 5, 2015

Sixers should focus on free agency

Just as the Sixers must look toward the lottery, they must also focus on free agency.

Sixers should focus on free agency


Just as the Sixers must look toward the lottery, they must also focus on free agency.

At this point it seems that Jrue Holiday is the only lock to be in the lineup next season.

Thad Young, Evan Turner, and Spencer Hawes are all under contract, but none are immovable should the right offer materialize. Of course, the big Bynum decision will have an enormous impact on offseason spending and the Sixers' overall approach as to what type of players they should pursue.

If the Sixers don’t re-sign Bynum they will have an ample amount of cap space to pursue other options. However, even if they were to offer Bynum a deal, it will be for less than initially expected when they signed him last summer, and they should still have solid cap space to pursue other players.

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Elton Brand (finally) comes off of the books this summer, as well as a couple other contracts that the franchise probably won’t follow up on, such as Nick Young and Dorell Wright.

It's safe to assume that top-tier free agent targets such as Chris Paul and Dwight Howard won’t want to sign with the recently struggling Sixers. So it seems that the Sixers will have to target the not-as-big-but-still-effective free agents. Obviously the Bynum domino needs to fall first, but after that move is made here are a handful of players that could help return the Sixers to relevancy.

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