Sixers only 23rd most valuable NBA team

Forbes ranked some sports teams again, and this time it was the NBA, this time for how much money each is worth. The Sixers, with the league's lowest payroll, aren't anywhere near the top, nestled in at a nice, predictable #23 slot.

The team's current value of $469 million puts them $931 million shy of the team at #1, the... Knicks. Oh, the Knicks.

You can't put a price on that .gif.

Anyway, the Sixers:

"The Sixers added more than 40 sales and marketing people before the season to boost ticket sales and corporate partnerships. The Sixers stripped their roster before the 2013-14 season and have the NBA's lowest payroll. The team hopes to land a franchise player in the loaded 2014 draft."

Yes, and until then, they will remain of bottom-of-the-pack team, filling out the low-to-high twenties of any NBA rankings. Forbes also posts that the Sixers' earning before taxes, etc. are -$3.8 million and their revenue is $117 million.

The Heat only come in at #7 with $770 million. Not very impressive, guys.