Sixers' camp to begin at St. Joe's

Looks like the Sixers will be going back to Saint Joseph’s for an abbreviated training camp, starting on Dec. 9 and ending Dec. 14.

``I think we can accommodate them,’’ St. Joe’s athletic director Don DiJulia said.

The Sixers held their training camp there the last 2 years, but that was before the seasons began for the Hawks basketball teams. So, there is a court-time issue now that was not there in late September or early October. The Sixers want to use the Hagan Arena court.

DiJulia said they were exchanging proposals on acceptable times. That St. Joe’s will be in exams during the latter part of camp should help them find common ground.

``We are overlaying our practice schedules with their requests,’’ DiJulia said.

Some days, the Sixers want double sessions, others just a single session. St. Joe’s is scheduled to play Creighton at home on Sat. Dec. 10 so that would be a one-session day for the Sixers as the game is scheduled for noon.

Pending league and players' approval, the NBA season is scheduled to begin Dec. 25.