Wednesday, July 9, 2014
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A frame-by-frame analysis of Blake Griffin putting Kris Humphries on a poster

Oh no, Kris Humphries.

Blake Griffin dunked on Kris Humphries on Wednesday night. Scratch that -- he Mozgov'd him. He DeAndre Jordan on Brandon Knight'd him. If you haven't seen the dunk, you'll see it now. And likely again, and again and again through the season:


Filthy. Vicious. Ridiculous.

 What happened? Let's pick through the debris left behind after that wreck.

The Celtics try to trap Jamal Crawford, pushing the pick-and-roll to the sideline before Blake can set a screen. Kris Humphries and Jordan Crawford are both turned to step in front of Griffin if he rolls:


Shocker, Griffin he does. Jordan Crawford tries to rotate in front of Griffi,n while Humphries must decide his fate. Will he step in front of Griffin, trying to draw a charge and make a defensive play? Or, will he duck out to avoid a disaster?


His fate is now in the hands of the Dunk Gods after stepping in front of a date with destiny:


They had no mercy in their hearts:


DeAndre Jordan could only walk away with his hands on his head in disbelief. His in-game dunk reactions have become one of the NBA's finest treasures:



Did Hump even get a chance to see what hit him?


Oh, he did. The end.


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