Positive reviews continue for Iguodala

Andre Iguodala scored 17 points in Team USA's showcase game. (AP Photo/Las Vegas News Bureau, Brian Jones)

Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski and Sixers coach Doug Collins have already raved about the way Andre Iguodala played during last week's minicamp in Las Vegas as USA Basketball prepares to choose the team for the World Championships next month in Turkey.

Now, Jerry Colangelo, the chairman of USA Basketball, has weighed in as well.

"He's an incredible defender," Colangelo told the Arizona Daily Star. (Iguodala was a star at Arizona before being drafted by the Sixers.) "Andre can really guard anyone on the court. And if we're going to become the kind of team we might become, which is small, we want to pressure - and defense is going to be a real important part of it. So he brings a lot to the table. He may be the most athletic guy that we have."

Colangelo also pointed out how a successful run at the Worlds, assuming Iguodala makes the team, could benefit him when he rejoins the Sixers.

"We told the players that if you buy in and do what your asked to do, you'll win," Colangelo said. "It's not just winning - it's how we win and you're going to be better for it. I would say they're better people after the experience. They bring a different culture back to their franchises, so the franchises benefited as does the NBA ultimately."

Iguodala also was asked about playing in Philadelphia, with the high expectations that come with his big contract.

"It's a tough town," Iguodala said. "They're really passionate. But that's something you've gotta be prepared for. Philly's kind of like an acquired taste. You've got to adjust to it; it won't adjust to you. I think that's helped me out.

"You're always going to have doubters wherever you are. You've just got to work hard to prove them wrong."