Philly's Days of Bore

Lincoln Financial Field, front, new home of the Philadelphia Eagles, is shown with other sports complex buildings including Veterans Stadium, the Eagles' former home, and future Philadelphia Phillies' home, Citizens Bank Park, right, Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2003, with Philadelphia's skyline at top. (AP Photo/George Widman)

The human body can go 21 days or so without food, but only three days without sleep or water ... The Carpenters sang "I Won't Last a Day Without You." ... But how long can Philly sports fans last without a playoff game? Well, we may be on the verge of finding out.

Since the Flyers were eliminated from playoff contention Friday night, the next possible postseason game would be if the Phils were to be in a wild-card game on Oct. 1. At that point, there would have been 492 days in between playoff appearances (May 26, 2012; Sixers' Game 7 loss to the Celtics).

Should the Phils falter, Chip Kelly's Eagles could end the string as early as Jan. 4, 2014 (587 days) ... or the Sixers and/or Flyers could nip it next April as it approaches 700 days.

The 492-day drought we are guaranteed at this point would be the longest for the city in nearly two decades (ended on May 7, 1995) and the fourth longest in the city's four-team era (since 1967-68).

Now, imagine going over 5,000 days between postseason appearances. That actually happened twice in the city's history ... before hockey and pro basketball as we know it today came to town.

Here are the most days between playoff games in the city's history, beginning with the Athletics' first appearance in a World Series in 1905 (four-sport era in bold):




  5,652  Oct. 10, 1931  Athletics  April 2, 1947  Warriors
  5,108  Oct. 13, 1915  Phillies  Oct. 8, 1929  Athletics
  1,828  Oct. 14, 1905  Athletics  Oct. 17, 1910  Athletics
  1,460  March 23, 1952     Warriors     April 23, 1956  Warriors
  1,004  March 27, 1958  Warriors  Dec. 26, 1960  Eagles
     723  April 11, 1971  Flyers  April 4, 1973  Flyers
     716  April 5, 1962  Warriors  March 22, 1964     Sixers
     711  Oct. 26, 1911  Athletics  Oct. 7, 1913  Athletics   
     599  May 14, 1991  Sixers  Jan. 3, 1993  Eagles
     560  Oct. 23, 1993  Phillies  May 7, 1995  Flyers
     492+  May 26, 2012  Sixers  ???  ???