Pelicans fans feel they won Holiday trade

The Sixers completed a cataclysmic deal with the Pelicans, the results of which will be measured for years to come as the young players involved develop. It indicated new Sixers GM Sam Hinkie's mentality in approaching the team's current state - he's thinking long term.

Thusly, trying to fully evaluate the move is impossible, as it based heavily on the future.

But let's not let that stop us from evaluating the move!

New Orleans seems to think it was a good idea; a great idea, really. They believe Nerlens Noel will not be able to recover from injury and become an effective producer, and that acquiring Jrue Holiday was worth surrendering their number one pick in 2014.

"The Holiday deal was a slam dunk. Sure, it'd have been nice to have kept the 2014 first-round pick. Next year's draft is expected to be the deepest and most talented in years... But the Pelicans wisely built in some protection for the pick. If things fall apart and they end up with a top-5 selection in next year's draft, they get to keep it. Obviously, no one in Pelicans camp believes that's going to happen."
--Jeff Duncan,

The Pelicans schemed through a weak draft and wound up with a better talent than anybody available from the collegiate ranks, and judging from the comments on this poll, the fans are under the impression they fleeced the Sixers.


What do you think of the Holiday-Noel trade?

"I hate giving up next year's 1st round, but being able to trade pieces for young player who can help you now is better for this team. We do not have time to keep developing rookie talent year after year."

"Pairing Jrue with AD is a genius move. When Dell improves the 3, we'll be playoff ready, next year. What a rebuild!"

"I wanted Burke but I'm definitely down with Holiday. He's good on both sides of the ball."

"hated nerlens pick anyway so to pick up an allstar thats taller and faster than cp and lose two #1s is no biggie"

"Dell Demps and Mickey Loumis pulled off a coup. We get a proven veteran and quick PG in Holiday who can score and pass as well."

What do you think? Voters in our unscientific poll are relatively split...