NBA reveals 2015 All-Star Game logo not at all conceived on subway on the way over

The NBA All-Star Game, known for being categorically ignored in greater and greater numbers and featuring a dunk contest in which players have to be convinced to dunk, will be played in New York City. You'll be seeing news on it in the form of this logo.

"Hey, that looks an awful lot like the map of the NYC subway. Did you forget the logo was due again and draw it on the subway?"

"How dare you, sir. That was a creative decision. What better image exudes the universal nature of the sport, bringing a city as diverse and widespread as New York together for one night of low-intensity basketball? The subway is the pulse of the five boroughs, always humming beneath the streets in the buzz of day or the still of night, getting people where they want to be and keeping the lifeblood of the planet's capital flowing."

"Wow. That was really nice."

"Thank you."

"Do you need your parking validated?"

"No, I took the sub--I took public transit. I'm good."