76ers' Michael Carter-Williams to star in CBS Summer League documentary 'Summer Dreams'

Sixers' Michael Carter-Williams. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Before he was the front-runner for Rookie of the Year, Michael Carter-Williams struggled through Summer League with the Sixers.

Now, thanks to a CBS documentary entitled Summer Dreams, we will have an opportunity to follow Carter-Williams’ journey first-hand.

CBS plans to air Summer Dreams, a two-hour long documentary about NBA rookies and fringe free agents competing for spots in Summer League, on March 15, just in time for March Madness.

"With unprecedented access, we'll witness hopes dashed and dreams coming true right in front of our eyes," executive producer Mike Tollin said in a statement about the film.

In addition to Carter-Williams the program features three other rookie prospects – Shane Larkin (of the Dallas Mavericks), Romero Osby, and Dwayne Davis, as well as NBA referee hopeful Lauren Holtkamp and D-League coach Joel Abelson.

The film will focus on these players and prospects working to take the next step up in their respective careers.

Michael Carter-Williams sees the film as an opportunity to show a different side of himself.

"I think the biggest difference was it wasn't me having to necessarily say the right thing," he explained to the Associated Press. “I could say what I felt about the game. I didn’t have to pretend to be anyone else.”

Carter-Williams’ mother, Mandy Carter-Zegarowsk, even has a short scene in the film.  

“A lot of people are going to know about my mom a lot more,” the rookie joked, before adding in:

“People are going to see me as someone different, too."

People already see Carter-Williams as one of the league's most promising young points, and with 'Summer Dreams' they will get to see a seperate side of his Summer League experience.