Fantasy Hoops: (Almost) Nowhere to go but up

Somehow, I'm actually better at fantasy hockey.

After another rough week, I decided to try my talents on the ice. Shockingly, I finished in second place. Needless to say, that was better than how I finished in our NBA league - 12th place out of 16 is not acceptable.

I am going to offer my Tim Kitzrow Picks of the Week once again, but I won't blame you if you disregard my advice.

However, if you want some advice for hockey, I will be more than willing to give you some tips. But I can't guarantee anything there, either.

There are no day games on Saturday, so you have until 7 p.m. to submit your roster for our FanDuel Fantasy Hoops Beat the Expert Challenge. If you beat me, you automatically win your $5 entry fee back.

We are also offering higher payouts this week, and you can enter as many teams as you want.

Now that we have that stuff out of the way, here are my Tim Kitzrow Picks of the Week:

Mavericks at Nets
Ice Cold (Sit him.) - Devin Harris ($6,700)
Heating Up (Play at your own risk.) - Dirk Nowitzki ($6,600)
On Fire (Play him, if you can afford him.) - Brook Lopez ($7,700) 

Celtics at Wizards
Ice Cold - Rashard Lewis ($6,700)
Heating Up - Kevin Garnett ($6,000)
On Fire - Nick Young ($6,500)

Hawks at Bobcats
Ice Cold - Stephen Jackson ($7,600)
Heating Up - Joe Johnson ($7,200)
On Fire - D.J. Augustin ($6,700) 

Suns at Pistons
Ice Cold - Charlie Villanueva ($6,200)
Heating Up - Channing Frye ($6,600)
On Fire - Steve Nash ($7,800)

Raptors at Heat
Ice Cold - Chris Bosh ($8,200)
Heating Up - DeMar DeRozan ($6,400)
On Fire - LeBron James ($9,400)

Jazz at Sixers
Ice Cold - Paul Millsap ($7,600)
Heating Up - Lou Williams ($6,000)
On Fire - Deron Williams ($8,600)

Spurs at Hornets
Ice Cold - Richard Jefferson ($6,000)
Heating Up - Manu Ginobili ($7,800)
On Fire - David West ($8,000)

Cavaliers at Bulls
Ice Cold - Carlos Boozer ($7,700)
Heating Up - Ramon Sessions ($5,900)
On Fire - Derrick Rose ($9,000)

Knicks at Thunder
Ice Cold - Landry Fields ($6,500)
Heating Up - Jeff Green ($6,600)
On Fire - Russell Westbrook ($8,900)

Magic at Rockets
Ice Cold - Jameer Nelson ($6,200)
Heating Up - Aaron Brooks ($6,100)
On Fire - Kevin Martin ($7,200)

Grizzlies at Bucks
Ice Cold - John Salmons ($6,700)
Heating Up - Rudy Gay ($8,000)
On Fire - Zach Randolph ($9,100)

Pacers at Blazers
Ice Cold - Roy Hibbert ($6,700)
Heating Up - Wesley Matthews ($6,700)
On Fire - Danny Granger ($8,100)

Warriors at Clippers
Ice Cold - DeAndre Jordan ($6,300)
Heating Up - David Lee ($7,300)
On Fire - Blake Griffin ($9,300)


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