Fantasy Hoops: All-Star Week Edition

Welcome back on a short week for fantasy hoops. Tonight is the last round of games before the all-star festivities take place in Los Angeles.

Sorry I'm a bit late in getting this out to you, but the prizes have been upped again this week to $4,000. Just be sure to CLICK HERE to join the league. Only players who sign up through will be eligible for the Beat the Expert Bonus.

All you have to do is beat my score (philly_sports) and you will win back you're $10 entry fee in addition to any other prize money you've won.

Since it's a short week, I'm not going to be able to give you my picks this week. You'll have to do this one on your own.

Judging from my finish last week, I see most of you are doing just fine on your own.

There is also an NBA Rebound competition as well. That is also a $10 entry fee, but there is no cap on the amount of player and the total prize pool is $1,000. It is also not a Beat the Expert challenge. You can CLICK HERE to play the NBA rebound.

Here is a look at how the payouts will work this week for the $4,000 NBA Slam:

Entry fee: $10.00

1st: $1,000.00
2nd: $600.00
3rd: $400.00
4th: $250.00
5th: $175.00
6th: $125.00
7th: $125.00
8th: $125.00
9th: $125.00
10th: $100.00
11th: $100.00
12th: $100.00
13th: $100.00
14th: $75.00
15th: $75.00
16th: $75.00
17th: $75.00
18th: $50.00
19th: $50.00
20th: $50.00
21st: $50.00
22nd: $35.00
23rd: $35.00
24th: $35.00
25th: $35.00
26th: $35.00



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