Collins looking for Holiday to score

When you've made just one of your 17 shots over the past two games, as Jrue Holiday has, your offense is going to come into question. Especially when your team has lost both of those games.

The Sixers point guard knows it, but he isn't letting it bother him. He knows how to correct things and he is confident in his ability to do so.

"I guess you kind of take what the defense gives you," said Holiday, who had scored below double-figures in five of the past 11 games entering Sunday's contest in Minnesota. "You don’t always want to just force it. There are times when you can get in (to the lane) a little more. You don’t have to get all the way into the paint to still draw attention or get contact. Like Lou (Williams) does, Lou’s not always in the paint when he does that. But just being aggressive that way is what coach (Doug Collins) is talking about."

Like Holiday, Collins insn't concerned about his point guard's recent inability to find the basket. He does think it's more of a mental barrier than a physical one.

"I think Jrue maybe has been trying to wear two hats, thinking about getting everyone else involved in the game and score. I need him to score. With our team, looking back on our success this year, when he and Lou score, it’s really big for our team. I want him to look to be more of a scorer. I don’t know if there was some indecision on his part or maybe not understanding exactly what he needed to do for us at that particular time. I want him thinking score, to start the game."

That has to be a dream for any player to hear his coach say those words. Holiday is no different.

"It doesn’t weigh on me," Holiday said of his shooting woes. "If I go 1-for-9 in a game and we win, it doesn’t bother me. But Lou can’t be the only person getting to the line. I’m going to take up some of those free throw attempts. And I think by me being aggressive and getting into the paint – sometimes forcing stuff – will open it up for everyone else."