Brand insists finger is fine

Elton Brand dislocated his pinky finger against the Mavericks Tuesday night. (Ron Cortes/Staff file photo)

Even though he has dislocated his right pinkie finger in each of the last two games, Elton Brand insists that all is fine.

Brand did concede there is some pain. Being out of the lineup would cause him more distress. When asked after Thursday's practice if it bothers his shooting, Brand said, "A little bit but it's the pinkie. I have definitely adjusted to it."

Brand says there is more pain when he has to catch the ball. And it's a real pain wearing a split, but it beats the alternative - being sidelined.

One could tell that Brand didn't want to talk much about his injury as he tried to shrug things off. Coach Doug Collins admitted more concern, but then praised Brand for his toughness.

"Elton is a warrior," Collins said. "He wants to rip that splint off but we have to keep it on his hand because if he gets it hit again it will dislocate."

Brand hasn't missed a game this season due to injury. He did sit one game due to an NBA suspension. He has been a true leader and wants to play through this which is admirable.

Of course, two things to look at are - will it affect his shooting and can he injure the finger even more. The same game he first dislocated the finger, Cleveland's Antawn Jamison suffered a fractured finger that could sideline him the rest of the year.

So even though Brand is acting like it's no big deal, his situation is something that has to be closely monitored the next few games.


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