Michael Jordan apologizes to Tony Wroten over shoe incident

Philadelphia 76ers' Tony Wroten in action during an NBA basketball game against the Indiana Pacers, Friday, March 14, 2014, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Update: Tony Wroten sent out a tweet Friday afternoon stating that Michael Jordan in fact DID NOT reach out to Wroten, and that he was joking around with a reporter. 

It has been over 10 years since Michael Jordan played in an NBA game, but the shoes he inspired are as popular as ever.

New iterations of the infamous Air Jordan shoes drop almost every weekend, as people save up, line up, and camp out for the kicks modeled after the ones Jordan competed in on the court. The price tag on the shoes has risen steadily over the past decade as the sneaker culture has gained popularity, but that doesn’t stop most models from selling out instantly.

Fans of the infamous footwear range from young kids that didn’t even have an opportunity to watch Jordan play in person, to NBA players that grew up idolizing MJ.

Sixers guard Tony Wroten is one player who is known for his expansive kick collection, and he often pulls pairs, old and rare especially, from his own stash to hit the hardwood in.

He has been seen sporting several 76ers-themed colorways of popular Air Jordan retro models this season, but apparently not all of them were durable enough for Wroten’s demands.

In a recent game against Indiana, while wearing a pair of ‘Red Steel’ Jordan 10’s, Wroten planted to pivot and his shoe blew apart. The sole of the shoe was basically ripped from the upper by the impact of Wroten’s movement.

Play was stopped momentarily, and Wroten, who keeps several reserve pairs in his locker, ran back and switched up the shoes, no big deal, it seemed.

However, the malfunction was a concern to a certain someone whose name and likeness is stitched into the suspect shoe.

“I got an apology from Jordan. Yeah, he called my agent,” Wroten stated to the Delaware News Journal in regards to the incident.

It is nice to see that Jordan is at least somewhat concerned about the perception of his product, which has recently faced criticisms of decreasing quality.

How did it feel to get a call from the world’s best [retired] basketball player?

“It was more embarrassing than anything,” Wroten stated.

“But things happen.”

The incident didn’t stop Wroten from wearing Jordan Brand shoes in-game, as he wore a pair of Red Jordan 4’s during the Sixers loss to the Bulls on Wednesday, without issue.