Evan Turner saw Sixers winning it all with Bynum

Evan Turner and Andrew Bynum. (AP Photos)

Evan Turner returns to the Wells Fargo Center tonight for his first game as a visiting player.

The 2010 Sixers second overall draft pick was traded to the Pacers an entire 22 days ago, and he has spent his time since his departure visitng a future in which the Sixers never parted ways with star center and former Sixers cheerleader Andrew Bynum.

Turner was prompted with such a question as he has been reunited with Bynum on the Indiana roster. Bynum has caught fire as a Pacer, touching the court and scoring actual points. Turner's optimism for the Sixers That Never Were is admirable, but misplaced, even in the fantasy world where it would still be possible.

Bynum will not be playing tonight.