The Sixers' tremendously-timed Evan Turner sale

Philadelphia 76ers swingman Evan Turner. (Matt Slocum/AP)

Talk about timing, or trolling.

The Sixers’ 25 percent off all Evan Turner apparel and novelties sale may not mean anything more than the team is trying to give fans a cheaper supply of Turner stuff, but the timing is tremendous.

With the NBA trade deadline officially less than a month away, and speculation about what the Sixers are going to do at the deadline at an all-time high, the team decides to promote a sale of all things Evan Turner, who has been linked to trade rumors recently.


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Obviously such a marketing move, announced on the jumbotron during Saturday night’s game against Oklahoma City, jumped out to fans of the franchise, who immediately took it as a sign of the end of Turner’s tenure with the Sixers.

“He’s gone,” a woman sitting in the seat next to me exclaimed.

“Finally,” added her friend.

While the idea is understandable, especially considering the timing, realistically, the sale is probably just that: a sale. It seems unlikely that a franchise would foreshadow its future by orchestrating a sale of a soon-to-be-traded player.  

But with the Sixers, one can never be so sure.

They could have taken 25 percent off all things Michael Carter-Williams this month instead of E.T. and there would be no swirling speculation about the motivation behind the sale. But, Turner is the target, and the sale is either a sign, or some top-tier trolling of the fan base by the franchise.