Erving on Collins, Bynum trade

It’s clear that Julius Erving is still a big fan of old teammate Doug Collins and not a big fan of the Andrew Bynum trade that looks to have set this franchise back a few years.

Erving on Collins:

“Doug is going to do what’s best for him and his family and the organization is going to do what’s best for them. The organization can ill-afford to have Doug walk away because you are not going to get a better coach or a better teacher. If you do, it’s going to cost.”

On Bynum:

Coming here over the course of the year multiple times but not being in the room I don’t know what the total conversation was,” Erving said. “I know what the net result it. The net result is Robert Parrish’s old number – zero, zero. So we have not benefitted one degree and I guess he has.

“But I think if he’s not here you are going to free up a lot of money and money talks in the NBA,” Erving said. “Washington and Lincoln can’t play the corners for you but they can get you somebody that can play the corners. We need somebody to play the corner and the middle for us. It’s going to be costly but the Bynum situation is going to be one of total uncertainty for another year.”

And on rebuilding the Sixers:

“It’s probably not going to look like Miami or OKC. They have to find a way to do it with who they have presently and who they will be able to get in the future, so it’s not going to look Miami and the Lakers. It’s probably a franchise that’s going to look to be who they are when they get to that point.”