That isn't what Trautwig meant to say

NOW, WE KNOW people aren't perfect.

But when a sideline reporter is being paid to be near-perfect and a mistake happens, sometimes those blunders provide snippets of sophomoric humor.


Meet veteran Knicks sideline reporter Al Trautwig. Before New York's 89-80 win over Milwaukee Monday night, Trautwig noted that the Knicks would be without forward Amare Stoudamire due to a bulging disk in his lower back. Except Trautwig substituted a "c" where an "s" should have been.

Trautwig quickly caught himself and noted that Stoudamire is indeed out indefinitely with a "bulging disk that will be treated non-surgically," but the damage was already done with the footage making the rounds on YouTube and within the blogosphere.

Perhaps the best part was the cutaway to play-by-play callers Walt Frazier and Mike Breen, with what appeared to be Frazier feverishly trying to hide a chuckle at Trautwig's gaffe.

Again it's hard to tell from the footage, but if Frazier was indeed poking fun at his colleague, doesn't that make him a bit of a disk?


Birthday buddies

Daily News statisician supremo Bob Vetrone Jr. dropped this gem Tuesday: Not only did Villanova hoopster Ed Pinckney and Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham share a birthday Tuesday, the pair also turned the ripe ol' age of 49. Both were born March 27, 1963. Not sure about Randall, but Pinckney's greatest birthday present to himself has to be - even with a nasty stomach bug - when he celebrated the 1985 NCAA championship with the Wildcats just 5 days after turning 22.



"Words cannot describe how I feel right now. Thank u for all your support. I'll do whatever it takes to never feel this way again."

- Union midfielder Freddy Adu after the U.S. under-23 national team was ousted from contention for the London Summer Games after a 3-3 tie with El Salvador on Monday.