Andrew Bynum reports progress in injury rehab

Andrew Bynum, center, the 76ers major off-season acquisition, rubs his right knee as he sits behind Head Coach Doug Collins, right. The 76ers opened training camp today Oct. 2, 2012. 76ers center Andrew Bynum will sit out three weeks as a precaution after receiving knee treatment in Germany. Bynum had injections of plasma-rich platelets that supposedly stimulate healing in arthritis-affected areas in both of his knees. ( Charles Fox / Staff Photographer )

Sixers center Andrew Bynum seemed more optimistic today about his ailing knees than at any other time since it was first announced by the 76ers that he would not participate with the team during training camp.

Here are some of the things he said following practice today regarding the state of his knees:

“It’s definitely moving in a positive direction,” Bynum, who has been out with bone bruises and swelling cartilage, said.  “I’m feeling better every day.  I’m back to the weights and on the treadmill and I should be running here soon.”

That’s key – that he says he ‘should be running soon. That’s really what this is all about, Bynum getting on the floor. Not riding treadmills or swimming. The next crucial step is getting him on the floor, experiencing impact and playing basketball.  

Bynum said of number of positive things.  He said that his doctor, David Altchek, told him that ‘whatever is going on with the cartilage is going to wind itself up and I should be back at it pretty soon.’

That might be the most important thing. The swelling is gone in both knees and the cartilage, which was introduced as part of the whole equation right around the time that he injured the left knee bowling, is not bothering him.

Bynum said his right knee is not an issue at all. And he described his left knee as feeling ‘much, much better.’

He didn’t give a timeline. However, both he and the Sixers have backed away from timelines. Remember, we are quickly approaching the middle of Jan. If you recall, this is when both Bynum and the Sixers said – the last time they gave a timeline – that they expected him to return to the floor.

What we also know about Bynum is that the inactivity has him feeling rested. He said that his body feels fresh (as well it should), sort of the way he feels during the summer following a season when his body has recuperated from the rigors of the season.

“I feel the way I feel when the summer comes and my legs are fresh. I feel like that right now,” said Bynum.

He remains leery of a possible setback, nonetheless. Here’s what he said about that:

“It’s possible but right now the doctor has said that it will resolve itself. It’s going to be either 100 percent fine or your knee will swell up and give us signals that there is a problem. But as of right now my knee is fine and I think we are out of the woods with that.”