Holiday Looks To Stay Aggressive

It was an honest admission on the eve of the biggest game of Jrue Holiday’s professional career.

Following Friday’s practice at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Holiday was asked about maintaining his aggressiveness for an entire game.

Holiday is coming off his best performance against Boston in Wednesday's 82-75 victory that has forced Saturday’s decisive seventh game. He scored 20 points and shot 7 for 15 from the field while hitting all six free throws.

Throughout the series he has shown long stretches of aggressiveness, followed by not-so-aggressive periods.


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“I have to just keep being aggressive,” Holiday said. “Once I see openings I just have to take them and not be passive.”

Then he showed a moment of true candor.

“There are moments I get pretty passive and just have to be aggressive," he said.

Is it any coincidence that Holiday’s two best games in this series, the Sixers won, and he also attempted his highest shot total?

In Game 2’s 82-81 win at Boston, Holiday had 18 points and shot 7 for 15 from the field.

Holiday has to look for his shot early and even take it to the basket more. In this series, he has only attempted 13 free throws. By the way, he has also made 13 free throws.

So more shots from the field and the foul line should be in Holiday’s game plan. It would seem that Holiday’s ability to avoid those passive periods, will be a key to the Sixers chances of advancing to the Eastern Conference finals.