A 36-year-old accountant made his NHL debut with the Blackhawks, and played quite well

Scott Foster usually spends his nights as an “emergency goalie” eating free food, according to a Washington Post feature.

The 36-year-old accountant had never played in an NHL game before Thursday night, when the Blackhawks lost both their active goalies and turned to the man who spends most of his ice time playing for Johnny’s Hockey, an “elite” recreation league in Chicago.

And Flyers fans thought they had problems with keeping goalies in the net.

Turns out, Foster’s debut went pretty well.

He tallied seven saves in roughly 15 minutes, helping the Blackhawks finish off a 6-2 win over the Winnipeg Jets.

“The initial shock happened when I had to dress, and then, I think, you just kind of black out after that,” Foster told the Post.