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Super Bowl odds 2014: With hours to go until kickoff, Broncos still favored

The Denver Broncos will likely remain the favorites over the Seattle Seahawks through to kickoff on Sunday.

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We're just hours away from Super Bowl XLVIII, but it's never too late to take a look at the betting lines. Throughout this entire process, the Denver Broncos, headed by Peyton Manning and the most productive offense in NFL history, have been favorites over the Seattle Seahawks, a team with the best secondary we've seen in a long, long time.

It looks like that's not going to change before the game, either. Denver currently sits at -2.5, according to OddsShark. That means Seattle is +2.5, a number that has been mostly consistent throughout this entire process. There was a point in which the line began to widen further, but a bunch of money came in on Seattle and pushed them back to the current line.

At the time of writing, 62 percent of the money is coming in on Denver, keeping it solidified as the favorite. Some sites have the Broncos favored by three points, and others have narrowed to two points. One site on the OddsShark database has the line with Denver favored by a single point, but it's certainly not the norm.

The over/under on the matchup has moved quite a bit as well. Originally, it was set at 50, but it was quickly driven down to 47. Around mid-week, it centered at 47.5, and has now moved back to 48. At the time of writing, 55 percent of the money was coming in on the under.

The line officially opened at -1 in favor of the Broncos, meaning they have now gone an entire season, counting the playoffs, without being the underdogs once. Unless something changes in the hours leading up to the game, that will be a pretty significant stat. Then again, they haven't won all of their games.

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