Thursday, February 26, 2015


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David Murphy: The Phillies are slowly but surely moving into the world of analytics.
You can call him “California Cole.” Some dubbed him “Hollywood Hamels.” I will always refer to him as a World Series MVP.
Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch moved the Phillies up to No. 2 in his yearly power rankings of team's uniforms.
For eight minutes Wednesday, Cliff Lee offered pitches to a rotating trio of teammates.
Ryan Howard says he is pain free and more agile after hitting live pitching for the second straight day.
Pitchers such as Ethan Martin, Phillippe Aumont and Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez are fighting for roster spots.
Cliff Lee said that he feels goof after throwing live batting practice for the first time this spring.
David Murphy: The signing of Yoan Moncada likely made more sense for Boston than Phillies.
Bob Brookover: A decade from now, Rusney Castillo and Yoan Moncada might be the best players in baseball.
The former Phillies manager and his newest pupil talked about Manuel's favorite subject: the art of hitting.
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