Friday, December 26, 2014


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The Phillies' second baseman has let it be known that he wants to stay in Philadelphia.
The trade that involved Jimmy Rollins going to the Dodgers benefitted all parties.
Noe that the Rollins deal is official, it is more and more likely that CHase Utley stays in Philadelphia.
The trade of Philadelphia's longest-tenured athlete was made official after a week in limbo.
The longtime Phillies shortstop is looking forward to helping the Dodgers get to a World Series.
On the day he was traded to the Dodgers, Jimmy Rollins spoke about the past and the challenges ahead.
Ruben Amaro called Jimmy Rollins "an iconic player and person" as the deal with the Dodgers was confirmed.
After saying no to the Orioles, Charlie Manuel will have a more involved role with the Phillies.
Cole Hamels wants to play for a winning team in 2015, and he understands if the Phillies must trade him.
Through trades and development, the Phillies will see new names among their top prospects.
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