Reading manager Greg Legg is a minor-league lifer. As a player, he appeared in 1,184 games. He also got in 14 major-league games with the Phillies over two seasons.

Legg, 57, started as a minor-league coach in 1994 and is in his second year managing the Reading Fightin' Phils.

Reading has a starting rotation that will be looked at closely because that is the Phillies' biggest need. There are other prospects who could be in the Phillies' future. Legg talked about the rotation, his team, and his goals as a manager in an interview with reporters Tuesday.

Q: Can you talk about your starting rotation?

[JoJo] Romero, [Ranger] Suarez, you guys know the names, [Jacob] Waguespack, [Harold] Arauz, they are good. They are going to get a taste of double A. [Franklyn] Kilome, as well. He got a little bit last year, Wags got a little bit, and the other guys haven't been here yet. In spring training, they were fun to watch. It was attack mode. They just kept attacking. Lot of good innings out of them.'

Greg Legg cheering on his team against Akron on April 19, 2017.
Charles Fox / Staff Photographer
Greg Legg cheering on his team against Akron on April 19, 2017.

Q: Can you give us a little scouting report on each pitcher?

Probably if you would sum up all five of them, their competitiveness. They are all pretty good athletes. Waguespack, watching him grow has been a lot of fun for me. The last game he threw four innings, it was pretty much all fastballs in an intrasquad game and he pretty much dominated our hitters — with the extension he is getting. Suarez is fun, and that was the first time I saw him and he just attacked everyone. He is efficient and just got after it. Romeo's ball was moving all over the place. And Kilome, we saw him last year. He has that hook, which is nasty, plus a good fastball. It is a good group. Arauz, I haven't seen him much but the little bit I saw, he has a way of getting people out. All he has done is win so far. This will be a great test for them all.

Q: Did you get the sense that Waguespack took a lot from his experience at triple A last year?

I think so. He just kept getting better as that year went. It is unbelievable how far he came from when I saw him the year before. I believe he was pitching in the bullpen and then he became a starter and he kept growing. His fastball is getting better, the extension he gets, the angle, he is so big and strong. It is nice.

Q: What are you looking for from catcher Deivi Grullon this year?

To keep getting better. Communicate, lead, all the things he has been working on in spring training. His English continues to grow and get better. As that has gotten better, his leadership qualities have gotten better.

Q: What are you going to tell your offensive guys?

Let them be who they are. Each guy is a little bit different. [Zach] Coppola, get on base. [Damek] Tomscha, hit doubles, drive in runs. [Meneses] Heiker, hit and run a little bit, move the ball. [Kyle] Martin, add onto your year and hit .250. Keep hitting your homers but cut down on your strikeouts. Each guy is a little different; you can't treat them as one. The group is different, each hitter is different, what we are asking each guy.

Q: OF Cornelius Randolph is a 2015 first-round draft choice. What do you look for in his development?

More of the same that we talked about with the pitchers: As the year goes on, to get better. … We talked about it earlier. If you can play in double A, you can play in the big leagues. It might take a few games to get his feet wet, and he might get out of the gate good, too. I sure hope he does. I look forward for him to improve as the year progresses.

Q: You have managed a lot of years. What about the personal challenges you face?

I am trying to have as much fun as I can this year. The older I get, I want to enjoy the moment a little bit more and kind of realize where you are at with this. It is supposed to be fun and make it fun for the players in that room. Continue to develop them and hopefully we can do what we did last year, keep sending guys up. And more guys get to Philly than last year.

Q: As a manager, how good does that feel?

It's a great feeling. It's the best we get in our job.

Q: Do you have aspirations to move up?

I think all of us do. That is kind of why you showed up in the ballpark in 1982, my first time in a uniform, a pro uniform, to try to get to the big leagues. I won't lose that dream until I hang 'em up. Right now, my biggest dream is to get some of those guys in the room to the big leagues.