Vance Worley feels no pain during return

Vance Worley threw 80 pitches in four innings and allowed three runs. (David M Warren/Staff Photographer)

Amid Jonathan Papelbon ripping into an umpire and Jimmy Rollins showing general indifference to the boos directed his way, there was Vance Worley. It was a short night for the pitcher, but having gone 24 days without pitching, that was expected.

"No tightness or anything," Worley said.

In the debris of a 4-3 loss to Los Angeles, that was the best news for the Phillies. Worley threw 80 pitches in four innings and allowed three runs. He was not particularly sharp in the first inning and was not aided by some close calls.

But his health was the most important development. Worley will pitch with a bone chip in his right elbow for the remainder of the season. At times, it will hurt more than others. But he demonstrated Monday it's possible to pitch through the injury.

"It's nice knowing that there's nothing in there that's going to bother me," Worley said. "I've just got to go out there and pitch."

That he lasted four innings after the lengthy first constituted a minor miracle. He threw 80 pitches in all. Before the game, Charlie Manuel had said Worley was good for about 75 pitches.

He admitted to some rust in the early going.

"A little bit, yeah. I wasn't perfect," Worley said. "I was around the zone, but I just wasn't quite getting it over the plate. It got better as the game got going for sure. I had better command of all my pitches as I kept going."

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