The Saturday Baseball Quiz

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Cal Ripken Jr. broke Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game played streak. Whose record did Gehrig break?



Three times between 1990 and 2005, a Phillie hit three home runs in one game. All three were catchers. Who were they?



Benito Santiago, Bobby Estalella and Mike Lieberthal.

A catcher is responsible for six of the 23 times a Phillies has hit three or more home runs in a game (*consecutive).

 Date  Player  Pos.  HR   Opponent
 Oct. 9, 1884  John Manning  OF  3*  at Chicago White Stockings 
 July 13, 1896  Ed Delahanty  OF  4  Chicago Colts
 Sept. 15, 1922  Walt Henline  C  3  at St. Louis Cardinals
 May 11, 1923  Cy Williams (LH)  OF  3  at St. Louis Cardinals
 July 10, 1936  Chuck Klein (LH)  OF  4  at Pittsburgh Pirates
 July 22, 1936  John Moore (LH)  OF  3*  Pittsburgh Pirates
 June 2, 1949  Andy Seminick  C  3  Cincinnati Reds
 Aug. 27, 1951 (2nd)    Del Wilber  C  3*  Cincinnati Reds
 July 23, 1955  Del Ennis  OF  3  St. Louis Cardinals
 Sept. 12, 1961  Don Demeter  OF  3  at Los Angeles Dodgers
 Sept. 27, 1964  Johnny Callison (LH)    OF  3*  Milwaukee Braves
 June 6, 1965 (2nd)  Johnny Callison (LH)  OF  3  at Chicago Cubs
 Sept. 29, 1968  Dick Allen  OF  3*  at New York Mets
 July 11, 1971  Deron Johnson  1B  3*  Montreal Expos
 April 17, 1976  Mike Schmidt  3B  4*  at Chicago Cubs
 July 7, 1979  Mike Schmidt  3B  3*  San Francisco Giants
 June 14, 1987  Mike Schmidt  3B  3*  at Montreal Expos
 Aug. 29, 1989  Von Hayes (LH)  OF  3  at San Francisco Giants
 Sept. 15, 1996  Benito Santiago  C  3*  at Chicago Cubs
 Sept. 4, 1997  Bobby Estalella  C  3  at Montreal Expos
 Aug. 10, 2002  Mike Lieberthal  C  3  at Los Angeles Dodgers
 Sept. 3, 2006 (1st)  Ryan Howard  1B  3*  Atlanta Braves
 May 16, 2008  Jayson Werth  OF  3*  Toronto Blue Jays

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