Phillies to the Ninth Degree

John Mayberry Jr. hit a game-tying, two-run home run in the ninth inning.(Chris Schneider/AP Photo)

Thanks to strong pitching and clutch hitting, the Phillies have owned the ninth inning of their games this season. And John Mayberry (being congratulated by Carlos Ruiz at right) belted a game-tying home run Monday as another example of that.

They have nearly doubled their opponents' runs in their regularly scheduled final frames (41-22), despite having 17 fewer opportunities (via not having to bat in the ninth at home when ahead).

The numbers for the Phillies and their opponents in the ninth inning this season: 

         Phillies            Opp.
Games 72 89
Runs 41 22
H-AB 76-282 70-321
Batting Avg. .270 .218
Walks 38 26
Strikeouts 48 87
On-Base Pct.        .358 .280
   Singles 51 54
   Doubles 16 11
   Triples 2 1
   Home Runs 7 4
Total Bases 117 95
Slugging Pct. .415 .296