Game 160: Jimmy Rollins has a tweaked calf

(Frank Franklin II/AP)

WASHINGTON — Before Monday, Jimmy Rollins had played in all but three Phillies games this season. His only respite was when his baby girl was born in May. Finishing this season as the lineup's stalwart was a source of pride.

Then he texted Scott Sheridan, the team's head athletic trainer, 12:30 a.m. Monday. His right calf was hurting, the result of a pickoff play gone wrong Sunday.

"I knew I had to do it," Rollins said. "... Even if we were playoff-bound, it was something where I'd have to send him a text, probably with more urgency."

Rollins is unsure whether he'll play again in 2012. He tested the sore calf with some grounders during batting practice.

He thought it prudent to rest Monday, and perhaps longer, to avoid something larger. Rollins called his rest "precautionary."

"So if I get a day off here, or take two and see what’s it's like on the third day, then let's do that," Rollins said. "With the number of games left, that has less to do with it as opposed to, if I do something going into an offseason where I injure myself when it can be prevented right now."

Michael Martinez started at shortstop in Rollins' place. Kevin Frandsen batted first, making him the fifth different leadoff hitter for these Phillies. Rollins, Juan Pierre, Shane Victorino and Nate Schierholtz were the others.

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