Sunday, March 29, 2015


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Cole Hamels will start on April 6 against the Boston Red Sox at Citizens Bank Park.
Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez will start his second-straight season in the minor leagues.
One of the prospects the Phillies received in the Jimmy Rollins trade will get to pitch.
Jerome Williams has started both of the Phillies' games that require a two-plus-hour drive.
Cameron Rupp pulled a chair to Aaron Nola's locker two hours before Nola would debut against major-leaguers.
Jimmy Rollins sat at his corner locker stall and nodded toward one locker designated for Clayton Kershaw.
The Phillies are at the point in spring training when relievers pitch back-to-back days to build arm strength.
Alex Rodriguez faced Phillies prospect Aaron Nola today and the longtime Yankee was impressed.
Frank Fitzpatrick: Much of baseball's appeal relies on its unchanging nature.
Brendan Ryan didn't get a long look at Aaron Nola from the batter's box, quickly ripping a double to right.
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