Friday, January 30, 2015


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The NL East has been home to several of baseball's most productive shortstops in recent years.
David Montgomery has new duties as he returns from a five-month medical leave.
David Montgomery returns after a medical leave, but in a different role.
Sam Donnellon: Pat Gillick's hiring as Phillies president underlines the differences in Philly teams' front offices.
Like most in camp with a rebuilding club, Hector Neris will enter spring training in three weeks with plenty to prove.
People need to relax about the Jonathan Papelbon situation.
The chances of the Phillies dealing Jonathan Papelbon appear to still have life, according to a report.
New Williamsport Crosscutters manager Pat Borders was the MVP of the 1992 World Series.
Baseball's most turbulent modern player, Alex Rodriguez, is coming back to baseball in 2015.
Brewers general manager Doug Melvin says 'whatever traction there was seems to have dissipated.'
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