Friday, August 28, 2015


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It started as a curveball. Jake Thompson messed around with different grips, trying to throw a breaking ball.
Nick Williams, a key piece of the Cole Hamels trade, was placed on the DL with a concussion.
Alec Asher, acquired in the Phillies' deal with the Rangers, will make his debut on Sunday.
The Phillies will open next year in Cincinnati as they start the season on the road for the fourth time in five years.
Minor Leagur Report: Andrew Pullin had a two RBI double in the top of the fifth inning.
Aaron Altherr's start in left field Thursday was his fifth in the Phillies' 10 games since his promotion.
The second-inning line drive left Galvis' bat and headed just to the left of the Phillies dugout.
Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manred addressed the topic of fan safety during his stop Thursday.
Reinforcements to the Phillies' taxed bullpen are expected Tuesday, when rosters expand.
A 9-5 final marked the New York Mets' first four-game sweep of the Phillies in Philadelphia since September 2002.
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