You probably want to sign this petition for MLB Network to air Dock Ellis' no-hitter on LSD

It's one of the coolest stories baseball has.

Some would argue it's the only cool story baseball has.

It's definitely the only story about baseball and drugs that hasn't historically led to flamboyant sanctimony from self-important baseball writers.

Dock Ellis, pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 12, 1970, hurled a no-hitter while on LSD he had taken before realizing he was pitching that day. And the rest is history.

History that many of us have never witnessed. Well, this petition has surfaced to get MLB Network to air the archival footage from the game so that those of us cursed with youth will get to watch the spectacle unfold.

FUN FACT: Ellis' second baseman in that game was Dave Cash, a rookie then who would go onto have three All-Star seasons with the Phillies in the late '70s.