Sports Illustrated insinuates that B.J. Upton is 'hot'

Atlanta Braves' B.J. Upton reacts after a called third strike during the ninth inning of a baseball game against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013, in Washington. The Braves won 2-1. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Look, we get it. All three of these people have the last name "Upton." Of course, it's not a coincidence with the bottom two. They're brothers. But let's not point out things like that.

It's more worth it to point out B.J. Upton is on the cover of Sports Illustrated under the headline "[small text] October is all about [large text] Who's Hot." Given the cocky expressions of all parties, the insinuation seems to be, "It's these people."

"Can the Braves power Atlanta?" it asks. Some of them could, sure. Justin Upton (.263/.354/.464) could. Dan Uggla (.179/.309/not on the playoff roster) could not.

But then there's B.J., sitting there, also grinning. He hit .184 this season for the Braves. Maybe he got hot at the end? 

Actually, the opposite. B.J. posted his worst month of the year in September, getting 55 plate appearances and batting .106 with an OPS of .316.

An OPS of .316! That's two different stats added together and it still doesn't even hit .400! He struck out 21 times in 47 at-bats! It's the first full season in the Majors in which he's posted negative WAR (-1.8).

Hey, when you're not, you're hot. And you come up with an idea for a cover photo for SI a few months in advance, you can't be bothered to consider whether its accurate or not; all you need to worry about is whose last name is the same as someone else.