Phillies add metal detector at right-field gate

Fans enter Citizens Bank Park through metal detectors at the right field entrance. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

For Monday's game at Citizens Bank Park against the San Francisco Giants, the Phillies installed a metal detector at the right-field gate.

Until the end of the season, the metal detector will be only at this location. Next season, the Phillies plan to have them at all gates.

"This is our maiden voyage," said Lisa Wilson-Robinson, the gate supervisor. "We think it is a nice added layer of protection."

There seemed to be little delay with fans entering at the gate. Fans with cellphones, cameras, and keys had to have them scanned.

"We pride ourselves on being friendly and fast," Wilson-Robinson said.

Robert Noone, a ticket holder from Narberth who was wearing a Jimmy Rollins shirt, gave the new system a passing grade.


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"It was pretty smooth and efficient," Noone said.

- Marc Narducci