McCarver says key to success is keeping franchise together

A former major league catcher, Fox Sports broadcaster Tim McCarver was a member of four franchises in his career, but he spent much of it with the St. Louis Cardinals and Phillies.

The Phillies and Cardinals have a chance to be joined for another reason. If the Phillies reach the World Series, they will become the first National League team to do so in three consecutive seasons since the 1942-44 Cardinals.

McCarver pointed out that everyone around Major League Baseball realizes how difficult it is to put together consecutive winning seasons the way the Phillies have.

"[The Phillies have] done an amazing job of keeping guys together in this day and age," McCarver said. "They've even been able to continue adding pitchers along the way."

McCarver said that he wonders if the Phillies should already be considered a dynasty. He mentioned that the Phillies' last 4 years compare similarly to Atlanta's run of 14 consecutive division titles, because the Braves only won one World Series during that time.

If the Phillies advance to a third consecutive World Series, and possibly come out victorious for the second time in 3 years, it would be hard to dispute the Phillies' status as a baseball dynasty.

- Alex Falk