Nationals outfielder suspended for hitting fan in Phils' ballpark

WASHINGTON - Major League Baseball officials on Wednesday suspended Washington Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan for seven games for deliberately throwing a baseball into the stands at Citizens Bank Park and hitting a fan during Saturday's game against the Phillies.

Morgan has appealed the penalty, and will be able to play until the appeal process is complete. Morgan also was fined an undisclosed amount.

The incident, which had not been reported before Wednesday, happened near the end of the Nationals' 8-1 pasting of the Phillies.

The Washington Post reported that, according to a league official, the throw occurred at the end of the eighth inning, after Morgan had exchanged in "an ongoing dialogue" with one fan. The back-and-forth with Morgan and the fan escalated until Morgan threw a ball into the crowd, which hit a different fan in the head.

A video posted on shows Morgan catching a fly ball for the third out in an undisclosed inning, turning to the stands and faking a throw into the stands.