Torre stands by Dodgers closer Broxton

Joe Torre said he met with Jonathan Broxton immediately after Game 4 and again yesterday, mainly to reiterate his faith in the young closer.

Broxton might have needed the boost, since he now has seen the Phillies score the game-winning runs twice with him on the mound, first in Game 4 of the 2008 National League Championship Series, then again Monday.

"This kid, this closing thing, this is something new to him," Torre said.

"I did this role last year," said a sullen Broxton, 25, who has logged 50 of the 55 saves to his credit in the past two seasons, and has pitched in 308 major league games.

"I just wanted to tell him how much we trusted him, and when you're in his line of work, things like that happen," Torre said.

"That's what he called me in and told me," Broxton said.

In the meeting, Torre said, he also reminded Broxton that the likes of Dennis Eckersley and Mariano Rivera had been where he is, and rebounded to have Hall of Fame careers. Torre liked what he saw.

"He had that good look in his eye," Torre said.

-Marcus Hayes