Forget the WBC

I am well aware of the fact that a large majority of the American public and probably even the readers of this site do not give a damn about the World Baseball Classic. I am also aware that we talk mostly about Philly sports here, with some occasional national stuff. Hey, at least there were two Phillies on the U.S.A. roster! But, I watched quite a bit of the WBC, and as the tournament played out, and eventually ended for the United States with a 9-4 semifinal loss to Japan last night, I found myself getting more and more aggravated by the whole thing.

Major League Baseball should shut its mouth and stop promoting the WBC as anything more than an exhibition. They have people like Tommy Lasorda saying the U.S. has to and will win because it is "our game." Unfortunately, it is nothing more than an exhibition for the U.S., but to teams like Japan and South Korea, it is a World Championship. How can we think any other way as fans after watching this year's version of the WBC? The problem is, the U.S. just doesn't care, or I should say, the U.S. is not able to field a team built to win.