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On Pat the Bat

It won't be quite the same as Pat the Bat's return to Citizens Bank Park during the On Deck Series, but Burrell will likely be the Rays' DH to start Saturday's game in Clearwater against the Phils.


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I, for one, would give PtB the longest, loudest standing ovation possible. (That is, if I were in attendance.)


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Makes me sick to think of him somewhere else. I miss the Bat.


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He will/better get a standing O at CBP. For all the crap he put up with over the years and never said anything. He just shut up and played. That's all the Philly crowd ever asks for, and thats what we got!!!

Thank you PAT! Hit one more Burrell Bomb at CBP for old time's sake . . . and then we can boo you!


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All Pat has to do is be himself, and the fans will over welcome him with open arms. It will be a great post swan song.


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More on McNabb

So Donny boy isn't satisfied with the offensive weapons currently on the Eagles. I don't argue that the Eagles' talent couldn't use a upgrade at spots, but at the same time it's not as pathetic as everyone is making it seem. There are some pieces already in place. Otherwise, you don't finish ranked in the top 10 in offense two straight seasons.


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