'Fantastic feeling' for Bill Giles

LOS ANGELES - Bill Giles is honorary president of the National League. It's strictly an honorary position. His sole duty is to present the Warren Giles trophy to the National League champion.

Last night, Giles presented the trophy named for his father to the team he co-owns.

"I thought I would end up crying like I used to do," Giles said later, standing on the field at Dodger Stadium. "But I tried to hold my emotions."

It was a surreal scene out there. A man held up a Ya Gotta Believe banner. Another wore a red Simon Gratz High sweatshirt. The visiting dugout was surrounded by delirious Phillies fans. Players came out to the field holding champagne bottles and beer cans.

"A fantastic feeling," Giles said on that field.

Giles ticked off all the contributions, on and off the field. His father was president of the National League from 1951 to 1969. He himself has been around for big days and bad days.

"I told the people I was sitting with, if we get five runs, we'd be all right," Giles said.

But Bill Giles understands the history of this ballclub maybe better than anybody alive.

"I got to thinking, we've never blown a game all year," Giles said. "And I have been through some bad times in my life, when things you think are going to work right, they don't work."

Then Giles revealed he'd had a nightmare about two weeks ago - "that Brad Lidge blew a save."

So far this season, reality has trumped imagination "We've had big leads before," Giles said, still dry-eyed. "But this year we don't blow them."

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