Saturday, October 10, 2015

Zoo With Roy

I Want to Go to the Zoo with Roy Halladay (aka "ZooWithRoy" or "ZWR") is the world's foremost bolg about wanting to go to the zoo with Phillies ace and 2010 NL Cy Young Award Winner Roy Halladay.

Our pal Zoo With Roy provides his thorough scouting report on the New York Rangers.
With the regular season upon us, Zoo With Roy goes over what is left to cheer for with the Phillies.
Here are Zoo With Roy's picks for who ends up in Eagles green once free agency begins.
Zoo With Roy sent the adorable "Awesome Emma" to the Hamels Foundation's Diamonds and Denim event.
It seems the Phillies' advertisements are starting to capture the crappiness of the 2013 season.
Zoo With Roy: Take it from someone who relates to your situation, and empathizes with you.
Pattison Ave: Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay turned 36-years-old on Tuesday and our favorite penguin celebrated the occasion with a poem.
In a bit of cross-network integration/synergy, Zoo With Roy and put together another entry in the legendary "Phillies as..." series. Check...
Zoo with Roy: Delmon Young is the Miserable Woman In the Cubicle Next to You That Hates Her Life
Pattison Ave: Our favorite penguin Zoo With Roy received a picture sent to the bolg of a fan's grumpy-looking cat, named "Dozer," wearing a Phillies sundae helmet. Could it be John Kruk's twin?
Pattison Ave: UPROXX writer and hilarious twitterer Danger Guerrero posted a totally awesome comic strip on our pal Zoo With Roy's bolg depicting several Phillies players as high schoolers at a local fishing hole.
Each week, our favorite penguin, Zoo with Roy, writes a special piece for This week, he takes a look at some "stuff" Phillies outfielder Delmon Young said during a completely fictitious interview that never took place.
Pattison Ave: Our favorite penguin Zoo With Roy made some hilarious Phillies E-Cards Tuesday morning.
Zoo with Roy: Halladay made it a point to work on his seldom thrown "lethargy ball" against a lineup comprised mostly of bench players and non-prospects you’ll never hear of again.
Pattison Ave: A Zoo with Roy poem about Carlos Ruiz and his 25-game suspension? Sure, why not...
Zoo with Roy: Time to get serious and discusses a commonly debated literary ploy, while using it as a platform to crop Duce Staley into Renaissance paintings.
Pattison Ave: What might Delmon Young have said during his odd interview with the media had our favorite penguin, Zoo with Roy, been asking the questions.
Our friend Zoo With Roy recaps each and every Roy Halladay start with a recurring feature called "So Roy Halladay Pitched Yesterday." Here's a look at the first edition of the 2013 season.
Our good friend Zoo With Roy has made the "Harlem Shake" video to end them all. All it took was a little MS Paint magic and some Phillies players.