Monday, March 2, 2015


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Bob Brookover: Jayson Werth has no desire to dance on the grave of his former team.
Lefthander Andy Oliver is competing for a spot in the Phillies' bullpen.
Chase Utley won't be among those taking the field for Tuesday afternoon's game against the Yankees.
Sam Donnellon: The Flyers', Phillies' and Sixers' architects are working with different blueprints.
A brief Phillies rally wasn't enough to take down the University of Tampa Spartans.
Minnie Monoso died early Sunday morning after helping clear the way for generations of minority ballplayers.
Jonathan Pettibone visited three doctors and underwent several MRIs last year but never got an answer as to what was ailing his pitching shoulder.
Unlike last offseason, the Phillies this winter did not sign a clear-cut backup catcher.
The blue tables on either end of the Phillies' clubhouse at Bright House Field are typically used by players for breakfast and lunch.
Bob Brookover: The Phillies are hoping that Gillick can remember how to rebuild a baseball team, which would be quite a magic trick.
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