From gold-medal stand to fast food

ONE WAY or another, athletes are taking advantage of this summer's Olympics in London.

The Games wrapped Sunday but the spotlight still basks on many of the athletes. None bigger than the kliegs aimed toward America's Gabby Douglas, who became the first black gymnast to win gold in the all-around competition. Douglas collected two golds overall, and brought them as a guest this week alongside first lady Michelle Obama on the "Tonight Show" with host Jay Leno.


Douglas discussed meeting Princess Kate Middleton, her intent to go after gold again at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil and how she celebrated her victories with fast food - much to the chagrin of Obama, an advocate of healthy eating habits among teens.

"You're setting me back, Gabby!" Obama joked.

But for Douglas, life as a 16-year-old rock star Olympic athlete and role model is anything but a setback.

"I think it's very different, and when I mean 'different,' it's in a better way," Douglas told Leno. "I mean, I never thought I would be doing the show with the first lady, or even you, Jay."

Douglas isn't the only one "winning" post-Olympics. According to a Yahoo! Sports report, a list of 17 African athletes hailing from Cameroon, Guinea, Congo and the Ivory Coast have gone missing.

However, we think it's safe to say there's no foul play involved.

The most recent of the "missing" athletes were three from Ivory Coast and three from Guinea, the latter disappearing a day before Sunday's closing ceremonies.

Adama Doumbia, technical adviser at the Ministry of Sports and Leisure in Ivory Coast, didn't provide names, but said that a pair of swimmers and a wrestling coach have gone missing from his delegation, while an official on Guinea's Olympic Committee said swimmer Dede Camara, judo competitor Facinet Keita and runner Aicha Toure are gone.

While British authorities have been notified, it's said that the athletes would not be breaking any immigration laws until their travel visas expired in November.

So, until then . . .