Will McNabb be 100 percent for Eagles?

The Redskins were back at practice today to prepare for the game against the Eagles on Monday night.

Questions will continue to surround Donovan McNabb as the game draws closer.

Mike Shanahan was asked in his meeting with the media on McNabb's physical condition. You might remember Shanahan's second explanation for benching McNabb involved injuries.

The question went something like, are McNabb’s hamstrings are healed so he can practice the hurry-up offense?

The answer: "Right now, according to [head athletic trainer] Larry Hess, he has improved from last week, but by no means is he full speed yet. Later on in the week I will get a feel for exactly where he is at, but right now I can’t tell you if he could go full speed.”

Shanahan also voiced his opinions on Michael Vick, whom the Redskins saw for very little of the first meeting before Vick left the game with a rib injury.

"Without a question – he is doing everything better," Shanahan said when asked whether Vick is playing as well as he had ever seen. "He is executing the offense better and he seems a lot more relaxed in the pocket going through his reads. He looks as fast as he did before, which I didn’t think was possible, because when I saw him come back the first year I thought I saw him drop off. Now it looks like he has his speed. I wasn’t sure if he could get it back, but you can see very quickly that he has got his speed back, he is in great shape and he is playing excellent football.”


Asked what role Eagles coach Andy Reid has in Vick's development, Shanahan said, "Well, he is doing a great job, that is for sure, because he seems to be doing everything. He is throwing the ball deep and throwing the ball short. But, the thing that has amazed me more than anything is his ability to outrun everybody. Usually, when you get older you lose some of that speed, some of that quickness and lateral movement. He is making plays that you just don’t see by athletes nowadays. He is just one of those guys that comes around running the football every 20-30 years – if anybody has ever been like that, probably not, as a quarterback being able to run like that. He made a few runs in the last game that I just kind of laughed and I had to show everybody how incredible it was.”



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