Jersey sales for Vick among NFL's best

Based on unscientific poll results, the Eagles' fan base was largely divided on the addition of Michael Vick.

But it appears those fans who support the move are getting behind Vick whole-heartedly, well with their wallets at least.

According to CNBC's Darren Rovell, Vick came in at No. 4 on's top-selling jersey list for the time period between April 1 - August 28.

Pretty remarkable, considering the Eagles didn't add Vick until Aug. 13.

The top-selling jersey over that period was the Vikings' Brett Favre. The Bears' Jay Cutler and the Steelers' Troy Polamalu were No. 2 and 3 respectively. No other Eagles player made the top 20.

I have to give props here to my buddy C-Nast, who you may remember from previous posts. He sent an e-mail around the week before the Eagles signed Vick, saying he thought if they were to add him, Vick's jersey would be a crazy seller. The rest of us on the e-mail chain disagreed, and now we see who was right.

And why he has such a great nickname.

Meanwhile, the beat guys over at Birds' Eye View and Eagletarian have updates from Donovan McNabb's press conference today, in which he said he thought the whole sideline rhythm incident in Thursday night's game against the Jaguars was blown out of proportion.

One person who doesn't seem to think it was blown out of proportion is's Peter King. Here's what he wrote in his Monday Morning Quarterback column today about the situation:

I think Donovan McNabb can't have it both ways. He can't advocate for Michael Vick to be signed, as he did, and then complain about the offense being out of rhythm, in part because of the insertion of Vick with the regular offense. McNabb had five drives with the regular offense after Vick left the game for good against Jacksonville Thursday night. Vick has to find a role in the preseason -- the Eagles didn't want to put him out there with the scrubs in the fourth quarter -- and he has but two games to do so; McNabb certainly has enough time to figure out the roles and chemistry with his young offensive players. I understand McNabb needs to feel comfortable with his guys and wants to feel right with his normal personnel groups, but Andy Reid has to shake his head about McNabb sometimes.

Earlier we linked to an report, which said the Patriots are among many teams interested in adding A.J. Feeley.