No NAACP pro-Vick rally?

Well, the Eagles had to know days like this would come when they signed Michael Vick.

This is what I was talking about when I questioned weeks ago whether the distractions were worth the on-field value of bringing in the quarterback.

Earlier today we cited a report saying the NAACP planned on holding pro-Vick rallies at the Linc tomorrow evening.

But it now appears that most likely won't take place.

J. Whyatt Mondesire, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, joined ESPN 950's Mike Missanelli this afternoon and said there is only about a three-in-10 chance that they and other civil rights groups will publicly support Vick tomorrow before the matchup against the Jaguars.

Mondesire reasoned that animal rights groups are probably not going to be protesting against Vick so there's no need for the NAACP to rally for him.

"The demonstration may in fact not take place," he said. "Within the last hour we were informed that the animal rights groups that had expressed an interest in demonstrating have taken a different tact and they're meeting with the Eagles and in communication with them. When I say the Eagles, the Eagles management. And we've been in contact by Eagles management and some of the people who are part of the demonstration with us, making a decision now whether or not it's even necessary to have a march if the animal rights people don't come out and condemn Michael Vick.

"The overall thrust was we were not gonna let Michael Vick dress up in his first Eagles uniform and go out there and be accosted in the spiritual sense of that word and the public not know that he had defenders as well."

Mondesire said later that he has talked to members of Eagles management twice today.

So on the day before the third preseason game, this is what some members of the Eagles' staff were left to deal with. With questions about the offensive line, Brian Westbrook's health, middle linebacker, the overall defense and special teams, this is what the focus is 24 hours before kickoff.

It's not unexpected by any stretch, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole decision. Maybe I'll have an easier time tomorrow once I see how Andy Reid is going to use Vick.

When asked if he had met with Vick, Mondesire responded, "That's being set up."

Earlier we referenced how Mondesire is the same guy who ripped Donovan McNabb back in 2005. He described that incident as being "blown out of proportion" and explained that he was writing as a fan and not as the leader of a civil rights organization. Mondesire did not back down from his original stance, saying if the Eagles wanted to win a Super Bowl, it would take a lot more "gutsy" playing by the No. 1 quarterback.

I know many of you are sick of the Vick stuff. Earlier I wrote about the middle linebacker situation.

And Thursday I'll roll out the "why we care" post. There are actually quite a few legitimate reasons this week.