McNabb-T.O. Reunion? Sims to WILL

Donovan McNabb has encouraged the Redskins to sign Terrell Owens. (Ron Cortes / Staff Photographer)

After talking to a source close to Donovan McNabb, I'm really not feeling this report that Donovan has told the Redskins they might want to look into the idea of bringing in his old, dear, friend, Terrell Owens.

Seems like a spectacularly bad idea to anyone who has followed the trajectory of Owens' career, and the fact that he has undermined every quarterback he has ever played with. McNabb, though, has his missionary side,  as he showed last year in nudging the Eagles toward bringing in Michael Vick (another head-scratching idea).

From your Eagletarian's perspective, the linked story rewrites Eagles history. The way I remember it -- and I was there every day -- most Eagles players resented Owens for messing things up in 2005; hardly anyone thought Owens' bizarre actions were justified, or very much McNabb's fault. 

Bottom line: I'd be amazed if the Redskins were desperate/dumb enough to turn their rebuilding project into a Donovan/T.O. sideshow, and I wonder if Donovan is really sincere, or just wants to cash in some good-guy points -- I am told he is glad he now has a cordial relationship with T.O. but that it's really unlikely he wants him in Washington.


Meanwhile, new Eagles linebacker Ernie Sims is in town. Here are some highlights from his meeting with reporters this afternoon at NovaCare, in which Sims said he has been told he is the new WIL:

On whether the coaches have indicated on what his role will be:
“I got a chance to talk to the linebackers coach, [Bill] Shuey. They just told me that they want to put me at the WILL position. I knew that they like blitzing a lot, so they said on third down they need somebody to cover the tight end a little bit more, also. With being in a conference where they have some good tight ends with [Cowboys TE Jason] Witten and [Redskins TE Chris] Cooley, I’m more than welcome and excited to be in that position. I feel I can fit in and do a great job with that. They talked to me about blitzing and also in the run game, being downhill and making some big plays. Like I told coach, whatever position you put me in, I’m ready to do it.”

On covering tight ends:
“I did a lot at Florida State and I did a little bit in Detroit, also. I just feel like covering tight ends – that’s where I use my speed. That’s the name of my game, is speed. I definitely feel like there are not a lot of tight ends that can run away from me. I’m real excited to be in that position.”

On weakside linebackers not covering tight ends in the Eagles system:
“They were talking about on third down. It wouldn’t be all the time, guaranteed. It’s just different situations. You’re right, the WIL linebacker is on the weakside of the formation, so he’s not the guy that will be covering tight ends on first and second downs. When you get to third down, third down distances and other situations, there might be a situation where the defensive coordinator knows if the tight end is going to get the ball. You want to put a good player on him.”


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