Fan forum responds, and much more

Michael Vick's play in relief of Kevin Kolb has many lobbying for him to be the Eagles' starting quarterback. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

The Daily News has formed a fan panel for Eagles fans to share their views immediately following each game. We will put some of the responses in the Monday Daily News in Birdwatch and other responses here on Eagletarian.

To join the panel, send an email with your name and hometown to, and we will get you the information you need on how to contribute.

Here are some additional responses from after Sunday's loss to Green Bay:

* The Eagles looked like a team who did not want to get hurt - physically or mentally. Team leadership did a very poor job in prepping this very young team for the rigors of pro (non-pre-season) football.
Michael Breggar, Cherry Hill, NJ

* Horrible Play Calling. New year, same old Andy Reid. When is he going to get it – Never? He is too set on his ways to adjust to what needs to be done. Fourth-and-1 and we run that play. For Who? For What? Not for the diehard Eagles fans. I can think of 10 pop warner plays that would have worked better than running right to the middle of the defensive line. It could be a long season, on the bright side; the Eagles seem to have their best seasons in recent past when they lose the opener.
Mike Hart, Ridley Park, PA

* I'm a season ticket holder, this is my 50th season attending the games.

And, I've been through a lot of seasons where it was clear from the 1st that it was going to be a lost season. The feeling was in the air. I used to read the newspaper during those terrible seasons while sitting at the games. In the early '80s, when my oldest son started going with me, we had a saying, that became a pathetic tradition after a while when we both had that lost season feeling. After another talentless team made it's way to another loss, usually after 3 or 4 games into the season, we'd say "Lets go Flyers" because as hockey season started, we knew that at the very least, the Flyers would contend, if not have a very good team.

This years Eagles are not such a team. They are talented and just need the time and the experience together to gel. I believe they will, and we should all give Kolb and the rest of them our support while they have the chance to work out the bugs of a new arrangement post McNabb.

J.Silow, Dresher

* I though the Eagles came out really flat and I was really disappointed and thought the game was over after the injuries to Jamal Jackson, Bradley, Kolb and Weaver. But when Vick came in they showed a lot of heart and made a really good comeback that fell short. I think we will bounce back and beat the Lions next week. I am really sad about the lost but saw a lot of positives in the second half.

Shaggy Ross, Philly

* Two things really bothered me -- the horrific kickoff coverage team that is probably still chasing after Jordy Nelson; and the troubling decison by the Eagles medical staff to clear Stewart Bradley and Kevin Kolb to return to action pre-halftime so they could play with concussions. Where was the upside there? At least the Phils won. On the plus side, I thought the defense handled Aaron Rogers well and I have to admit Mike Vick exceeded my expectations.

Adam Dvorin, Philadelphia


This seems like a moot point, given the concussion suffered by Kevin Kolb, but 72 percent of 91,673 polled by ESPN’s SportsNation they think Michael Vick should start for the Eagles against the Lions.

However, SportsNation co-host Colin Cowherd begged to differ, “No, can I remind everybody of something, they lost. Michael Vick is the only guy who can lose a game in the NFL and literally be anointed a Hall of Famer.”


Leonard Weaver has a long road ahead of him following a gruesome knee injury suffered in Sunday’s game against the Packers. Weaver will have surgery on his torn ACL, although no date has been set.

Via Twitter, Weaver said this morning, “I'm in the training room getting treatment and on my way back to work. Getting better early. Thanks for all the prayers and support once again from Eagle Nation.”


The Eagles were not the only team to see a player suffer a concussion on the first weekend of the season. Carolina quarterback Matt Moore and Giants tight end Kevin Boss also were sidelined.

“One weekend doesn’t make a trend,” Dr. Hunt Batjer, co-chairman of the NFL’s Brain, Head and Neck Medical Committee, told the Associated Press. “It’s certainly a number that caught everyone’s eye. If this pace continues, it’s either better reporting of the symptoms, or it is something else systemic. We must keep a close eye on this and we will.”


Some conversation about how the Eagles were out of healthy backup offensive linemen when King Dunlap entered for an injured Jason Peters. Peters has a knee strain, but returned to the game. Mike McGlynn had already replaced Jamaal Jackson at center. The Eagles opted to have seven O-linemen on the active roster.

On the other side of the field, the Packers had only four defensive linemen on the 45-man roster and were hit with injuries. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that if the Eagles had forced a goal line situation at the end of the game, the Packers were going to use offensive linemen, including guard Josh Sitton.


Lions coach Jim Schwartz often tweets. Here was his brief take Monday following the disappointing loss to the Bears: “Appreciate all the fan support and loyalty after yesterday's game. Shaun made a great throw, Calvin made a great catch. Unfortunately, the way the rule is written and officiated, it was ruled an incompletion.”

Can’t see Andy Reid joining the Twitter revolution any time soon.


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